wondering what was in that chili last night.

Funny Story… true.

I am not making this story up. It is not a joke, I heard a listener call into a radio show and tell this story this morning. A woman, her mom, and her 77 year-old grandma, all have the same gynecologist. He recently retired and has been replaced by a much younger and handsome doctor. ...

Homeland Security

I received this in an email in 2003, but over time the site changed and the graphics disappeared. Thank goodness for http://www.archive.org! I was able to grab all of the images and preserve them. I think a lot has changed at Homeland Security since 2003… I didn’t see the color coded rainbow threat chart on ...

Have you ever…

looked in the toilet as you are flushing and wondered, “What the hell is that?”


What's up with this guy?