Must be doing something right…

Wow… I had a truly amazing thing happen to me the other day and I just need to share it before the memory slips away.

I had been off work for 11 days during the holiday break. Going back was hard for me and my family, but we all took it really well. My oldest son, Aidan, had another week off before returning to Kindergarten. One day during my first week back Karen brought Aidan and Dylan to my work to see me for lunch. It was fun, then they left.

When I got home that evening I was showered with red paper hearts as I entered the house… then again as I walked up the stairs to change, then again as I walked downstairs, then again as I sat in the playroom and watched Aidan dance as he sang an “I Love You So Much Daddy” song. I don’t remember all of the words but one part was “if you took all of the love from all of the people in the world and added it all together, it would not match how much I love you”… he stopped the dance and sat in my lap hugging me while he finished his song… obviously it melted my heart.

I found out later from Karen that he had hatched his whole plan on the ride home from my work and had sang the song for her in the car. He pulled it off and his plan was executed flawlessly.

In parenting, as in life, we tend to focus on the negative more than on the positive… I think that is because the positives are subtle while the negatives are usually in your face or biting you in the ass. This positive was definitely in my face… and I loved it.

Our entire family’s love cups runneth over that night.