First morning in Costa Rica

Woke up and went down to breakfast. I had a traditional Costa Rican breakfast… scrambled eggs, and red beans & rice. Not quite like the New Orleans style we make at home, but still very good. The breakfast also had mango juice… which was very yummy. The boys explored the property in the daylight.

Rental Car

I created this as a separate post because it may be uninteresting enough to be ignored, but some who are going to travel to Costa Rica may find this of value. I met with the rental car representative who was dropping off our rental car. I was prepared for an additional cost for the mandatory ...

First Night in Costa Rica

We arrived at our hotel and as we walked from the van to the desk, no more than 15 seconds out of the van, we spotted our first Costa Rican wildlife… a little gecko on the wall of the hotel.  Manuel, who I think is the son of the hotel’s owners, spoke to Aidan and ...

The Arrival

We arrived rather late, approx. 9:00pm local time. I was expecting a person to be at airport with my name waiting to take us to our hotel. There wasn't anyone. What there was was a bunch of semi-pushy taxi drivers asking if I needed a taxi. I started replying nicely, but unfortunately for the 8th ...

Waiting in Houston

Well...Never a good thing when the pilot comes over the PA before leaving the gate and announces that there is a problem with a fuel pump.

Layover in Houston

We are waiting in the Houston airport. A little more than an hour until our flight to Costa Rica departs. Day started at 6:20am PST, so it has been long already. Everyone is holding together pretty well. We have all had our moments when we are hungry.

Pre-Travel Thoughts

So here we are... the day that we will be leaving for the hotel we will stay in tonight before leaving for Costa Rica out of LAX tomorrow. I thought to myself, "You've had a lot of thoughts leading up to this trip, why not capture them before you go?" So here we are. Where ...