it is my fourth day on the new job and other than a couple of meetings that i was dragged to on tuesday, i still haven’t been involved in anything. i am waiting to meet with my boss to talk abou the position and where we go from here. there are a few things popping up on the horizon that i will be involved with, but to date i have been left on my own.

i am trying to make the most of it by talking to people to ascertain the current “systems” in use here and how they inter-relate. i am their systems analyst after-all.

it has been a bit scary at times. when i was introduced to people in the office, most people seemed to be in awe. there were comments about wanting to kiss my feet, thank goodness i was here, they really needed me, etc. later that day my boss (dr. george bradshaw) mentioned that he hoped he hadn’t over-done it when he told the staff that i could walk on water. he was joking, but that was the type of response i was getting from people. additionally at an orientation i attended yesterday, the dr. bradshaw equivalant from financial aid mentioed that she had heard about me. so what is causing all of the buzz? is it me, or is it that this position was so desperately needed that they are just happy to have a body. needless to say this leads to a little anxiety regarding “expectations”. i just have to keep reminding myself that dr. bradshaw has a really, really good feel for where i am and what my capabilities are, and everyone else doesn’t really matter at this point.

the people here are nice. they recently chipped in to buy a new refrigerator, so i will be ponying up the $20 to be a part of that since i will be using it as well.

most people have a really good sense of humor which definitely takes the edge off of the transition, and makes me feel more at home.

i sent an email to one of y old professors who had written one of my letters of recommendatin telling him that i started on monday. his response was “Congratulations on your new job! It’s nice to have you as part of the team — Admissions and Outreach is in good hands.” that made me feel good. little pick-me-ups like that are what will keep me from getting too stressed about not really know what i’m in for, or what is expected of me and when.