i think things with aidan and me are fine now. i just need to know how to approach him when i get home instead of barging through the door, grabbing him and tossing him around (i didn’t really do that anyway), i need to be low key on arrival.

last night he was fine when i got home, he was fine when we played after dinner, and when it was bed time he was being a pill for karen, and then me. so i took him for a walk around our neighborhood. that chilled him out.

when we got home i did the normal pacing/rocking to get him to sleep, and it worked. less than 10 minutes after getting home, and i got him to sleep. he hasn’t let me help him in a while. it is usually karen these days.

just goes to show that things can and do change almost daily with babies, and as long as you roll with it . . . you figure things out.