it has really been a long time since i have written in here. i have quite a bit to say, but i think i will break it into a couple of entries.

work has become a whirlwind. i was sent to training in irvine for a week at the beginning of nov., and i will be going back for 4 days in mid dec. our major go-live date for the new system (PeopleSoft) is jan 20 and there is sooo much still to do.

i have temporarily moved to a different location on campus. i am sitting amongst the technical people for the PeopleSoft implementation. i am part of the PeopleSoft Implementation Technical Team. this is a good thing because it will give me a lot of experience and make me visible to a lot of people on campus that i would not have been visible to before. i believe it will lead to better opportunities down the road.

parenting is going great. i love being aidan’s daddy!

he is such a happy kid and he is so special. i’m sure all parents think that about there kids, but i really think there is something special about aidan above and beyond the normal special. around the other babies his age he stands out. he seems so much older than them. he seems like a little boy instead of an older baby. that doesn’t quite convey what i mean, but it is the best that words will do.

people are drawn to him. he captures their attention. it’s kinda hard to explain if you don’t experience it everyday like we do. its hard to put into words, but mark my words, he is a very special little boy.

i make sure all of his progress is put in his blog, so i won’t cover it here. tune in to his for the updates.